Business Name
Alberta Catastrophe Restorations Inc.
After Hours Emergency

We are a licensed General Contractor in Lethbridge and have the ability to manage large construction and renovation projects across Southern Alberta. Our site management team is trained on the latest methods used in construction to execute complex residential and commercial construction and installation projects – all in accordance to the Canadian and International Building Code.

We also have the ability to deliver all material, labor, equipment and services needed for complex turn key industrial installations.

We focus our efforts on specific markets including:

  • Residential Housing, Condominiums, Apartments
  • Office & Corporate Environments
  • Warehouse & Distribution/Cold Storage
  • Manufacturing/Processing

Within each market segment, ACR provides the following core services to its clients:

  • Conceptual Project Development: Develops a project scope, floor plans, site plans budgets and schedules.
  • Pre-Construction: Provides a final budget number, develops construction documents and completes all permitting.
  • Construction: Safely delivers a quality building on schedule and within budget.
  • Industrial & Residential Services: Advanced, turnkey planning and installation for our clients.


Safety and integrity are the two guiding principles at ACR. We protect employees, sub-contractors and facilities by implementing one of the most aggressive safety programs in the industry and our personal and professional integrity serves as the basis for all business transactions, and is the foundation upon which we build successful long-term client relationships